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Rami Mustaklem

Full Stack Web Developer

Tech I use on my day to day and side project work:

('around 10 years of comprehensive full stack experience')

Hello World! I'm a frontend-heavy full stack web developer with an extensive experience across many areas and frameworks like React, Angular and Laravel.
I like to write articles from time to time and I keep myself up to date with the latest news and developments related to the web-tech world.
I prefer to implement all JavaScript projects using TypeScript.
When developing on the Frontend with React my stack includes mostly Next.js, Tailwind CSS, React Query, TypeScript and React Testing Library. I also have experience using Redux and Redux toolkit. I also use Storybook if needed, and of course all tech stack depends on the requirements of each project.
When I need a backend I often go for Laravel to create RESTful APIs. Authentication and Authorization is implemented using Laravel's best practices and conventions wherever needed, using gates and policies.
I've developed JavaScript backends with Express and NestJS to also implement RESTful APIs and I would go for them with TypeORM if I need a JavaScript backend.