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Olive Wood Souvenir Online Shop (Discontinued)


Performant WP/WC Openlitespeed Memcached Redis AWS EC2 RDS S3 Cloudfront Cloudflare SEO Analytics PHP Caching Image Optimization SSL Recaptcha Facebook Pixel


Optimized online shop using WooCommerce on WordPress, with less than 3 seconds loading and interactive times.

Hosted on AWS using services like EC2, RDS and Cloudfront.

Optimized with caching, combining and minifying CSS and JS, optimizing and compressing images, serving images as webp, and secured with SSL and plugins.

I've also written about the process I've done to optimize and get very low loading times for WordPress using Openlitespeed server, and you can read it here.

You can also view the images taken for testing the site performance here.

I also started porting the frontend part of the site to a Gatsby static site, connecting the WP as a headless backend API, but decided to discontinue both projects, the online shop and the Gatsby frontend, since I did not see any success with the shop due to many factors during that period of covid.

GTmetrix Performance